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Avocado Oil

№ 2 Avocado Oil




Avocado oil is made by extracting the oil from avocado pulp.  Unrefined avocado oil has a smoke point of 480°F, while a naturally-refined has a smoke point of 520°F.

Avocado oil has 10 grams of MUFAs in a single tablespoon.  Its remix rank of #2 would be higher if it weren’t for its 2 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon.  Saturated fats affect our blood cholesterol levels and heart health.

Flavor Profile

It has a subtle, yet distinctive, flavor of avocado.

Best Uses

Best in salad dressings, mayonnaise or drizzled over grilled veggies.  Its smoke point is the highest of any oil. It’s number 1 in handling high heat.

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Avocado oil has the highest smoke point of any cooking oil, 520°F ~ 271°C. This oil is perfect for high heat cooking.

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