No Worries

No Worries

Small Changes Get Big Results.

The third part of Remixology’s mantra, No Worries, has a double meaning: take the edge off + not a problem.

Take The Edge Off

Reducing stress plays a leading role in having a healthy life.  When anxiety takes hold of us, we tend to lose sleep, eat poorly and move less.  Then we self-manufacture it.  If we lose sleep, we begin to stress more.  When there is more stress, we tend to consume a greater amount of unhealthy food.  When we eat unhealthy, we often feel lethargic.  And when we are tired, we are less motivated to move or exercise. 

If you remix the ingredients you eat, you can allow your body to become regular.  A healthy diet can offset the impact of stress by strengthening the immune system, creating more stable moods, and reducing blood pressure. 

Eating better can help you sleep better, deeper and longer.  You’re less likely to consume foods high in calories, fat, and sugar when you have good rest.  So quality sleep can actually help you eat better.

Having a handle on a heathy body may even help you feel more empowered in your life. 

Not A Problem

Making small changes can get you big results.  This isn’t complicated and it’s not hard to find better ingredients.  This website was created to provide healthy information and give you options for where to buy better ingredients. 

The simple message is to forget about the amount of calories you eat and instead think of the purpose for those calories.  Our bodies get all our energy from the food we eat.  Having better information allows us to make better choices—choices we should have no problem, and no worries, making.  

Check out Remixology’s healthy ingredient recommendations and discover how to remix recipes for a whole, better you.